5 Ways to Boost Student Success in Online Learning

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Students are increasingly turning to online class for convenience and the ability to earn college credits from their own homes. But unfortunately, many of these students lack the discipline and dedication required to succeed in an online classroom.

Students often have misconceptions about the difficulty of online courses. They also underestimate the time and effort needed to complete assignments, discussions, and projects.

To help students succeed, the instructor must set the tone for the course. So how can you help students succeed in an online classroom?

These five tips will help you increase your student success with online learning.

1. Use compelling visualizations to grab their attention

You’ll lose your students if you give them a boring page with no visual interest; you’ll lose your students. To keep your eyes open, make sure you are making your content engaging to look at, mentally stimulating, and looping in other senses.

Multimedia is the fastest way to do this, but you also have the option to test different delivery methods to find what keeps your students’ attention.

2. Keep it brief

Concentrating on one topic and only consuming what necessary increases student engagement and comprehension is. On the other hand, lessons too long can make it difficult for students to retain the information they need.

In the last two decades, attention spans have been known to shrink. As a result, your online students may struggle with focus and engagement. So keep the material short of winning the battle.

3. Give a lesson that students find relevant to their needs

Nothing is worse than being forced to undergo mandatory training that doesn’t relate to your job responsibilities. It can be tedious, ineffective, and waste valuable time. You can save your students from this fate by ensuring that your eLearning training material will be relevant and valuable to all who will be using it.

4. They won’t be able to engage if you don’t

You can observe your students’ attention in person when you teach a class. You can observe their engagement and look at them. Are they asking or answering questions? Although you may not be able to read a room in digital distance, there are still tools that can be used to make sure everyone is listening and not just checking in and out.

Remember that once they have your attention, you must work hard to keep it. You can follow up with students after lessons are over. You can reduce the speed at which students lose information by following up.

5. Recognizing progress creates momentum and drives participation

Nothing demotivates learners quicker than feeling like they aren’t making any progress or their progress doesn’t matter. Engaging your online students will be more difficult if you don’t reward their progress.

Tracking and monitoring tools you use to track students can reward their progress. Even if they receive an automatic “Congratulations!” email, students should be given feedback after completing a module. It will help you keep your students focused on the course materials by taking the time to feel proud of their achievements.


Try out these tips to help you boost students’ success in online class. What are your thoughts or idea about this? How do you think you can increase students’ online learning success, or what worked for you in the past? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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