How to Keep Your Tools Organised

Tools Organised

Cabinets and chests

Cabinets and chests of drawers can help you organise both large and small tools. They are a perfect way to keep your tools tidy and safe. Most cabinets and drawers can be fitted with locks, both for extra security and to keep kids from harming themselves or your expensive equipment.

There are many different cabinets that you can choose from depending on your needs. If you have a big garage or workshop, there are movable tool cabinets and drawers with wheels for easy manoeuvring so you can take the cabinet around the workshop with you and you don’t have to disturb your work process to get something from the other end of the room.

movable tool cabinets

In a smaller workshop you probably won’t need a movable solution, and you can use a less expensive, stationary version. Roller cabinets and chests offer a more flexible storage solution than stationary ones.

Cabinets and chest come in a choice of materials, mostly metal, wood and plastic. Metal will be the most durable option but may be susceptible to rust and condensation in damp conditions. Wood is a more expensive option than metal, especially depending on the type of wood.

Hardwoods are a more durable and costly option than chipboard, for example. Plastic is for more lightweight tools. It has the benefit of not rusting like metal and has a long lifespan.

Wall space optimisation

For both small and big workspaces you can make your walls work for you by putting simple shelves up or mounting a louvre, peg or perfo panel.

When it comes to shelves it is as simple as choosing the ones you like best and that will be able to hold the tools you want to store. Again, they can be metal, wood or plastic. Some come with storage boxes to help you organise them further.

When talking about wall panels, you have even more choice about how they will organise your tools:

Louvre panels and pegboards

Louvre panels are a popular option that can be customised to your needs. They can be wall-mounted or mobile. Storage bins, tools, paper and much more can be attached to them for better organisational storage.

Perfo panels

As the name suggests, perfo panels are perforated sheets of metal that can be wall-mounted or mobile – an option that allows you to use both sides. Different hooks are attached to the perforated holes so you can hang your tools and space them out however you like.

Stackable tool storage

Stackable tool storage offers you a choice of boxes that may be completely empty or have compartments to organise smaller tools and nuts and bolts. These boxes will fit on top of each other to create a column, so you can store upwards rather than taking space on the floor.

They can be sold as a set or you can buy them separately as they are needed. Some sets come with wheels so you can move them more easily.

Tool boxes

premium toolboxes

One of the most popular options for storing tools – the tool box. It can be taken with you to different places and has compartments to store even your smallest tool. It can have a lock for extra security and to make sure it doesn’t open and spill its contents when moved.

Most popular boxes are made from metal, which is durable but it can make the box extra heavy when all the tools are inside as well. There are alternatives from plastic, which is a more lightweight option but less durable. Some premium toolboxes may be fitted with removable trays, tool organisers and wheels and handles. Depending on your preference you can find the box for you.

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